Tips to get you started growing your own food

We continue to learn that food really is medicine. And that growing your own food may be one of the most powerful steps you can take for the health of yourself, your family, and your planet.Food is medicine quote

Many Americans spend lots of time and money on lawn maintenance, but more and more people are choosing to grow food, not grass. The 2015 National Gardening Survey reports that spending on gardening is up, with food gardening more popular than flower gardening.

Lawns present many problems for people, animals, and the environment. So it makes a lot of sense for many people to instead consider growing a food garden that is beautiful, productive, and that provides your family with healthy food.

Start by observing.

Greg Peterson, founder of Urban Farm U (a site that helps people grow their own food) says the first step to help ensure the success of your garden is to get outside and observe. He suggests looking for where the sun and shade fall each day, thinking about where your water comes from, and investigating your soil. Fertile soil needs plenty of organic material, and your garden needs 4 to 8 hours of morning to mid-afternoon sun.

Make a plan.

Before you start, do some research and decide what fruits, veggies, and herbs grow best in your area. Plus, do a search for your local planting calendar to make sure you plant the right plants at the right time. Movers in phoenix az

Then start small.

Begin with a small area, raised beds, or a few pots — and just a handful of crops, and then expand as you have success. Even if your goal is an entire edible yard, starting small will help you learn how to garden and, this way, you won’t get overwhelmed.

Grow a beautiful garden.

Particularly if you decide to garden in your front yard, other people will see your garden, so you want to be sure to make it appealing, thus building community interaction and reducing the possibility of complaints. It really is simple to mix edible plants with flowering plants to make your space more beautiful and to attract bees and butterflies.

Get creative.

Think outside fences and rows. Don’t be afraid to experiment as that is how we learn best. If something doesn’t work, try something else. Gardening is a process, so have fun with it.

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